Creating Sustainable Growth In The Economy: Hiring A Recycle Bin For Your Business

Posted on: 6 January 2016

Whether you're working on a construction site or in an office, recycling the material that you use in your operation should be a high priority. Perhaps commonly overlooked, recycling plays a huge role in manufacturing products, which in turn keeps the economy sustainable. Not only does recycling allow the reproduction of new products such as books and machinery, it helps to remove the build-up of unwanted landfill in the environment. However, one of the largest concerns is that many large businesses, particularly in construction, place less focus on recycling materials that could be put to greater use. Whether it is paper or metal, recycling reusable materials has a huge impact on the economy as it can create jobs and produce new products. By having a recycling bin in your office or a skip bin on your construction site, you can rest easy knowing that you are not leaving a powerful footprint on the economy. Here is how having your own recycling bin can have an impact on the economy and create sustainable growth: 

1. Creating New Resources

Certain recycled materials such as paper and cardboard are particularly good for small businesses and offices. That piece of cardboard and those sheets of paper that you no longer need could be recycled into new workbooks for your business. This is the basic principle of recycling. By having a recycling bin in your office, your unneeded material can be transformed into new products. This is also relevant for construction companies due to the large amount of material and resources that are used. The unfortunate truth: In 2010, the Australian public only recycled 30.3% of their steel cans and 67.4% of their aluminium cans. Despite being a great reusable resource, the rest went into landfill.

2. Reducing Landfill

By having a proper recycling skip bin, the bulk of reusable material from your site can avoid the landfill. According to Clean Up Australia, Australians generate roughly 48 million tonnes of rubbish each year. The sad fact is that 40% of this rubbish gets dumped in the environment and the landfills rather than being sorted for recycling. As large businesses handle a large amount of material, there is some responsibility to be diligent in recycling the leftover resources. Construction sites play a huge role in this due to the large amount of materials that are used. By having a large recycling skip bin on your work site, you can help drop this percentage significantly, while also creating new products and jobs.

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