Three Ways a Junk Removal Company Helps You Save Time and Money as You Move House

Posted on: 25 May 2016

If you are moving, you may be purging many of your possessions, and if so, you may be wondering if a junk removal company is right for you. Before moving house, these companies can help you save a lot of time and money. Here are just three of the ways a junk removal company can help you save:

1. No need to call charities or recyclers to schedule pickups of your unwanted items.

In many cases, when people get rid of things during a move, they donate them to charities. While this is a great practise, it can be time consuming calling multiple charities and arranging times to drop off your stuff or have them pick it up.

Similarly, if you have old electronics, white waste or other items that cannot be thrown in the trash and may be unwanted by charities, you also have to waste time calling the recyclers and arranging pick up times.

In contrast, if you work with a junk company, you only have to make one call to arrange the whole thing. These companies pick up a range of items.

2. No need to move the junk.

When you donate stuff to a charity or give it to a recycler, you often have to drive to a donation site. In other cases, the organisation may pick up the items, but you have to drag them out of your house and to the corner. When you are moving and packing, you already have to carry a lot of stuff in and out of your home.

A junk removal company helps you avoid that task -- many of these professionals will remove your stuff from wherever it is in your home. Whether that means pulling an old couch out of the basement or dragging a fridge out of the kitchen, they often do it for you.

3. Avoid extra charges from the council

If your city council picks up your rubbish, they may offer one or two times a year where they will pick up extra rubbish for free. However, there are often limits on this -- for example, in Melbourne, residents are allowed to throw out only one cubic meter of hard waste twice per year. If you exceed that amount, you may have to pay extra. When you use a junk removal company, you don't have to worry about extra costs from the city.

Similarly, if you just leave your junk out of the kerb, you can face fines and penalties. A junk removal company helps you avoid those as well.