4 tips to handle your trash more effectively

Posted on: 16 June 2016

Dealing with garbage is unpleasant to many, but it has to be done. With a tight schedule and limited time, it gets harder to think about the trash and finding proper ways to dispose of it. But this should also be in your day-to-day to-do list. How you manage your trash goes a long way in determining the quality of your indoor air. It'll also dictate how convenient your trash disposal is and how much you'll pay for it. If you do it well, you won't have to get headaches every time you think about the garbage. Here are some working ways for proper waste management.

Divert your organic wastes

If you've got a flowerbed or garden outside your home, then you'll be doing yourself a huge favour by diverting the organic wastes. Simply have all the food from the kitchen go into a separate bin that you can use as compost manure for your garden. You could also purchase a composting unit that manages the organic wastes. These units facilitate the decay and decomposition of organic matter that makes really good compost for your garden. Additionally, you'll also be reducing your garbage disposal costs by reducing the quantity of bins you need.

Use multiple bins

To facilitate recycling, you can have an extra bin to dispose of all your recyclable products such as bottles and cans. You could decide to have two smaller bins as opposed to one large one so as to segregate your wastes. This may end up being cheaper than purchasing an all-purpose skip bin, because it reduces the amount of wastes going to the landfill.

Secure the garbage outdoors

Pests are lovers of trash. If you don't maintain your outdoor bins well, then you'll find a lot of them. Maggots, cockroaches and even racoons would flock at your outdoor bin. To prevent this from happening, consider building an enclosed area where the bins can be shut in.

Apart from pests, also guard your pavers. If you're using skip bins, you could elevate them by placing it on wooden planks. The aim here is to ensure the bins don't destroy the pavers or any grass underneath.

Avoid unacceptable items

Placing unacceptable items in bins could lead to lots of extra costs. Dangerous materials such as asbestos or toxic compounds are not allowed. Flammable compounds, fertilizers, household chemicals are also not allowed in the bins. If you've got these products, then talk to your garbage service for the proper ways to dispose of them. Besides, such dangerous material could harm the garbage collectors who empty the bins.